A must do on "The Gemfields" is a visit to McArthur's Jewellers of Sapphire, Lorna and Andrew McArthur
established their business in Sapphire, home of one of the largest Sapphire bearing areas in the world
and one of the few area's left that are accessible to the general public. In 1994 Lorna and Andrew
set off from Brisbane on a round Australia trip but shortened it when they arrived at the Gemfields.
(which we have been coming to since the early 80's for holidays!!)
Be dazzled at the collection of handcrafted creative and original sapphire jewellery. Andrew is an
Award winning Master Jeweller with some 31 years of experience in the jewellery and
lapidary trade. He is one of only three Trade Qualified Jewellers residing on the Gemfields,
40 kilometres west of Emerald in Central Queensland.
Designs are usually one off originals, "one reason we do so well is that we design jewellery
not everyone else has, so you get a piece of designed jewellery that's unique for you".
Andrew will listen to your ideas and has the skills and flare to bring all your ideas to life.
"All our jewellery is manufactured at our shop, and our Sapphires are facetted
locally by gifted professional gem cutters". Lorna and Andrew also have their
own underground sapphire mine tunnelling some thirty feet underground,
though only really treated as a hobby, some of the Sapphires they
find actually end up in their jewellery.
Lorna and Andrew will be more than happy to pass on all the local
knowledge and visitor information when you come, you never
know, you could find your own gems and have
McArthur's Jewellers make that lasting piece of jewellery.
Our Motto ........            
"Only our customers get          
as much attention as our Jewellery"

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